FOR SALE $415 including Priority Shipping to a US address.  Secure Payment via PayPal invoice.

Sony XDR-F1HD s/n 9D 121257 #209

Includes all upgrades #1 thru #10 on my Modifications page.  With accessories and Sony Universal Remote pre-programmed to control the XDR.  If you don't want all the accessories I can make a price adjustment.

This XDR is in excellent condition with barely any sign of prior use.  It works perfectly, and it's ready to go.  

NOTE: This tuner was previously sold on ebay so i'm doing this at a lower price than usual.  The original buyer was having trouble with AM reception so I exchanged the tuner for him.  Turned out the problem was a faulty AM antenna.

Includes a 90 day parts & labor warranty -- If anything isn't right, I'll fix it.  The tuner works perfectly & as specified!

Sorry but no returns for refund - I'm not Amazon! :)  

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