11/17/17: "Limited Edition" Sony XDR-F1HD s/n 8D-107939 (#224)

This might be the last one with all these options for 2017.  And it's in as-new condition.  This a very unique item for an audio enthusiast.  I can almost guaranty you won't find anything else like it anywhere.

This XDR is in excellent as-new condition and includes an OEM Sony RMT-CF1A Remote Control.

  • New analog audio preamp for improved audio quality
  • FM aligned for optimal sensitivity
  • Dual cooling fans
  • Forced Analog switch
  • Super Capacitor memory presets backup
  • Gold panel-mounted audio jacks
  • Display backlight shutoff when tuner is in standby
  • All top & front tactile pushbutton switches replaced
  • All aluminum electrolytic capacitors on the main board & inside the tuner/DSP module are replaced with upgraded long-life parts

In addition, the original Sony linear power supply has been moved to a semi-custom external brushed black aluminum case with front digital Voltage displays.  The power supply is upgraded with Vishay Schottky diodes and Nichicon extended-life capacitors, and the +10.5V side is converted from half-wave rectified to full-wave.

Moving the power supply to a separate box contributes substantially to cooler-running operation for everything. The power supply itself barely gets warm, even without a cooling fan.

The items included are:

  • Sony XDR-F1HD tuner shown here, with all upgrades
  • Semi-custom external power supply
  • Blue 3-wire grounded power cord
  • 16" power interface cable to connect the tuner to the power supply
  • OEM Sony RMT-CF1A Remote Control with batteries
  • Basic AM loop antenna
  • Basic FM dipole antenna
  • ​New 3-foot audio cable
  • Supplemental information sheet about the power supply digital voltage display operation including the switch on the front panel

Price: $675 including Priority Mail shipping to a US address and 6 months parts & labor warranty on everything.  Contact me if interested!

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Below: PSU with Voltage displays on and XDR on (full load on the PSU)

Above: PSU with Voltage displays on and XDR off (minimum load on the PSU)

Above: External Power Supply Unit (PSU) with Voltage displays switched off (power to the XDR remains on).