Buying on eBay: Ebay is the easiest place to find these for sale but prices & condition vary wildly.  Unfortunately some ebay sellers have no idea what these are or how to test one properly.  They plug it in, the display lights up and the clock flashes, so they call it good and list it.  You could be buying a lemon in distressed TECHNICAL condition that has NOT been properly checked out and might not work correctly.  Every XDR I sell, regardless of its cosmetic condition, has been very thoroughly tested, is working 100% correctly, and includes a warranty.

​Some questions to ask an ebay seller:

  • Ask for photos showing the XDR displaying more than just the time or the "WAIT" message.  It needs to be tuned to a station, displaying signal strength bars.  Ideally it should be displaying a station's call letters or other data. 
  • Insist that the seller stipulate that both L & R channels are working, especially if the XDR's serial number starts with "8".  Early XDRs commonly have no audio from one or both outputs due to the jacks breaking loose (easily fixed if you know what to look for).  There should be clean hum-free stereo audio.
  • If possible get the seller to stipulate that the audio is also OK when tuned to an HD station.  If you get a choppy "helicopter" noise, the HD module is blown.
  • Do all the buttons work correctly?  It's very common for the tactile pushbutton switches to get flakey.  I routinely replace all those switches.  
  • Does it include the remote control?

Upgrade Service Pricing as of 10/3/2018

I can modify your XDR-F1HD.  Depending on workload etc expect about 2-3 weeks turnaround.  Contact me for details.

  • $275 Includes all 10 mods listed here , 90 day p/l warranty, and return shipping to a US address.
  • $315 Includes all 10 mods PLUS upgrade the super capacitor to a Li-ion cell phone battery that can retain the station presets practically indefinitely.
  • For much faster turnaround (depending on availability), I might be able to do a "core exchange": Send me your working XDR, I take your cover and install a fan in it, then install that cover on an XDR that's already fully upgraded & tested.  So the one you get back will be in the same cosmetic condition as the one you send me, but will have a different serial number. (The cover is what you see on the front, top, right side, left side, and part of the rear panel).  Same pricing as above.
  • Conversion to external power supply is $140.  See photos.  Limited quantity remaining - When they're gone they're probably gone.

Selling Prices as of 10/7/2018

  • I currently have one fully modded and upgraded XDR with the self-contained power supply ready to go.
  • Base Price $525 includes an XDR-F1HD with all 10 mods, 90 day p/l warranty, and shipping to a US address.  Price may vary up or down slightly depending on cosmetic condition of the specific unit (you'll get photos and full disclosure).  One available immediately,
  • Conversion to external power supply add $140.  Lead time is currently about 10 days.. $665 (XDR + External PSU, cable, etc).
  • Add $50 for OEM Sony RMT-CF1A Remote Control.  These are fetching $70-$100 on ebay.  Very limited availability.
  • Add $40 to upgrade the super capacitor to a lithium ion cell phone battery (special order).


The photos shown below are typical of every XDR-F1HD and power supply.  You'll get photos of the exact items I send you.  No surprises.

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