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XDR-F1HD Upgrade Service Pricing as of 10/3/2018


I can modify your XDR-F1HD.  Depending on workload etc expect about 2-3 weeks turnaround.  Contact me for details.  


  • $275 Includes all 10 mods listed here , 90 day p/l warranty, and return shipping to a US address.
  • $315 Includes all 10 mods PLUS upgrade the super capacitor to a Li-ion cell phone battery that can retain the station presets practically indefinitely.
  • Convert your XDR to external power supply: $140.  See photos.  Limited availability.


XDR-F1HD Selling Prices & Availability 11/27/2018

  • #268 with Mods 1-10 completed, available immediately.  Photos here.  $490 includes Priority Shipping and 90 day p/l warranty (no accessories).  Overall excellent condition with a few minor case blemishes.
  • Add $45 for an OEM Sony RMT-CF1A Remote Control.  Very limited availability (currently I have no remotes available for sale separately).  Note that all functions of the XDR are available without a remote except the Sleep timer and direct access to station presets.  You can still move up and down your presets with the buttons on the XDR.  There are also aftermarket remotes available at lower cost.
  • Special Order: XDR Converted to External Power Supply: $630.  This is an XDR with Mods 1-10 and the External Power Supply, interface cable, and power cord.  Price includes shipping to a US address and 90 day p/l warranty.
  • Special Order: Upgrade the super capacitor to a Li-ion cell phone battery: $40 (this is my cost).
  • If you’re looking for the "Ultimate”, I have one XDR-F1HD in new-in-box condition complete with remote, original accessories, numbers matching retail box, etc.  Will mod to order, price to be determined.  One in this condition is pretty rare.


The photos shown below are typical of every XDR-F1HD and the optional external power supply.  You'll get photos of the exact items I send you.  No surprises.

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