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Sony XDR-F1HD s/n 0D-128537 (#423) with Level 1 Upgrade Package

Normally a Level 1 is priced at $395 w/o remote, or $445 with remote.  This one is reduced to $345, or $395 with remote.  This Sony was a "rescue".  It had been previously modified by someone else and did not work when I got it.  I removed all the previous mods and re-did everything the way I do things.  Also the HD tuner module was bad and has been replaced.  The case has some blemishes.  A 1/4" hole in the back panel has been covered, as well as a couple broken vent slots on the bottom.  The top cover flaws are visible in the photos and generally look much worse in the photos than in person.  Also the locations where the case gaps were covered are shown.  The tuner works perfectly now and is tested, burned in, and ready to go.  See photos here.  Includes 60-day "Fix It or Replace It" warranty.


XDR-F1HD Finished Units For Sale


Prices include USPS Priority Shipping to a US address and a warranty (see descriptions below).  Tuners come with a clean copy of the Owner Manual and notes explaining how the Forced Analog switch works in a Level 2, but no other accessories.  Due to scarcity of remotes and eBay sellers wanting crazy money for them, I have to price remotes as an extra option.  A photo of the exact optional remote you will receive is included in the photo links.  Sorry but I don't sell remotes separate from tuners.  

This page may not display correctly on a mobile device - sorry.  Details on Level 1 & Level 2 mods are here (scroll down).

​*SOLD* Sony XDR-F1HD s/n 9B-117429  (#421) with full Level 2 Upgrade Package

In excellent condition.  Tested, burned in, and ready to go.  See photos here.  Includes 120-day "Fix It or Replace It" warranty.  Price w/o remote $495, or $545 with the remote.


#421 SOLD

​Another Level 2 will be offered soon