Above: XDR-F1HD Workbench (early version!)

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Thank you for your interest in the Sony XDR-F1HD.  And thanks to K6STI, K6JRF, and many others for sharing what they know about the XDR.  I've tried to add something useful to the pool of XDR-F1HD knowledge and to extend the tuner’s service life for owners.​​

I've upgraded, modified, and repaired somewhere around 650 Sony XDR-F1HD tuners since 2013.  I'm proud of my work and I stand behind every tuner with a 60-day "Fix It or Replace It" warranty: If something isn't right, tell me and I'll make it right.  Your satisfaction is important to me.

Payment is via an emailed secure PayPal business invoice (not Friends & Family).  If I'm working on your tuner, you aren't billed until the work is completed and photos have been provided.  You don't need a PayPal account to pay a PayPal business invoice - a credit or debit card works.  

Please note that I am not Best Buy or Amazon.  Tuners offered for sale (and repaired units), come with a 60-day warranty that they will perform as described.  But I don't do returns/refunds if a buyer changes their mind.

And please ask questions if you're not sure about anything described on my website!

11/25/22 Updated Information

I'm shifting the focus of my work to repairing non-working tuners.  Doing general mods and upgrades to already-working tuners will be a lower priority. 

Also I'm no longer offering the audio preamp board upgrade.  This is about cost, time, and honestly, diminishing returns for audio performance.  The Level 1 audio mods will still substantially improve the audio performance of the tuner.

Apologies to everyone who has emailed me in the past 18 months about getting on the wait list, or needing a repair.  I took a break from this over the summer but I'm getting back into it now.  I'll stick to the plan of working from the wait list, oldest to newest, with repairs as the highest priority.  Everyone on the wait list will be contacted soon about these changes.

Thanks for understanding.


In addition to working on XDRs, during the pandemic I helped keep a weekly two-hour radio show "Vinyl Revival" on the air for community radio station KRVM (the only HD station we have here).  Because the studio is owned by the school district and is physically attached to a high school, they had strict rules regarding studio access.  Volunteer DJs weren't able to go to the studio to do their shows live for over a year.  

The show host set up a workable home studio where he could make the raw recordings himself (with only one turntable), add some voice tracking, and then put everything on a cloud drive.  I downloaded the raw WAV files, smoothed out the rough edges and pieced everything together, still in WAV format, so it would be airworthy (mostly anyway!).  Shows were then submitted to the studio via cloud drive.  Together we all kept the show on the air that way for over a year.  Now it's back to live in the studio most of the time.  Occasionally if the host can't do his show live due to other commitments, we collaborate to make a show the old pandemic way.  Ha.

Check out "Vinyl Revival" with host Greg on Mondays at 5PM Pacific.  KRVM.org/listen  And support local community radio!