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Secure payment via PayPal invoice.  You don't need a PayPal account - a credit card works.  The modified XDR includes a "Fix it or Replace It" warranty.  If something isn't right, I'll either fix it or exchange it.  This warranty applies whether you purchase the XDR from me, or you have me modify one you already own.


Please ask questions if you're not sure about anything described on my website!


XDR-F1HD Upgrade Service Pricing as of 6/23/2019


I can modify your XDR-F1HD.  Depending on workload and which mod package you want, expect about 1-3 weeks turnaround.  Contact me for details. 


Mod options & pricing here.


*** XDR-F1HD Availability 8/18/2019 ***


  • S/N 8C-106349  Completed & ready to ship, with Ultimate Mods Pkg. B!  Excellent condition!  Has slight wear on the TUNE+ button legend - See photos.  Shown below - More photos available here.  Includes OEM Sony Remote Control RMT-CF1A.  $435 ***SOLD*** with Priority Shipping to US address and 90-day "Fix It or Replace It" warranty.  


You'll get before and after photos of your XDR whether you're buying one from me or having me upgrade yours.  No surprises.