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Whether you're purchasing a modified tuner from me, or having me install upgrades to your own tuner, I send you a secure PayPal business invoice.  For upgrades to your tuner, you don't pay until the work is completed and photos have been provided.  You don't need a PayPal account for a PayPal business invoice - a credit card works.  

Please note that I am not Best Buy or Amazon.  If you're just curious about HD Radio, consider trying something like a Sangean HDT-20 from Amazon.  If it turns out that you don't like the Sangean, you can return it.


Please ask questions if you're not sure about anything described on my website!


XDR-F1HD Upgrade Service Pricing & Availability as of 3/3/2021



I apologize for not responding to all emails and requests for upgrades over the last weeks and months.  Due to all the general craziness, I've been a little behind on that.  If you've reached out to me and haven't gotten a timely response, please try again.


More information about mod options & pricing here.


*** Update 3/3/2021 ***


Prices include USPS Priority Shipping to a US address and a warranty (see descriptions below).  Due to scarcity and eBay sellers wanting crazy money for OEM Sony RMT-CF1A remote controls, I have to price them separately.  If you want a remote, photos of the exact one you will receive will be provided on request.  Note that there are substitute remotes available at lower cost - I can provide you with some links or you can find them on eBay and elsewhere.  Sorry but I don't sell only the remotes.

  • 3/3/2021 No finished stock available.  Please check again at a later date.  


Photos below are representative examples.