Above: XDR-F1HD Workbench

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Thank you for your interest In the Sony XDR-F1HD.

4/4/21: Although I'm running at 100% again, I’m temporarily pausing on committing to new orders.  The backlog is just getting too big.  I’ll resume taking new orders in probably a month or two after I work down the current backlog.  All orders already committed to will get done.

In addition to working on XDRs, since the pandemic started I've helped keep a local weekly two-hour radio show "Vinyl Revival" on the air on community radio station KRVM (the only HD station we have here).  Because the studio is owned by the school district and is physically attached to a high school, volunteer DJs haven't been able to go to the studio to do their shows live for over a year.  Vinyl Revival is 2 hours of vinyl records.  The host makes the raw recordings in a makeshift home studio (with only one turntable), adds some voice tracking, and puts everything on OneDrive cloud drive.  I download the raw files. Then I edit out all the rough edges and piece everything together so it's airworthy.  It takes many hours.   But together we've kept the show on the air.  Check it out Mondays at 5PM Pacific.  And support local community radio!

I can add options from the Level 2 package to the Level 1.  See pricing under Level 2 description.  If you add a 2nd fan to a Level 1 upgrade, the warranty is extended from 60 days to 120 days.  

You may have heard about a "global chip shortage" in the news.  Well today 4/1/21 I tried to order parts used for the mods.  Half of them were out of stock, some with a lead time up to 52 weeks!  I checked other suppliers and most of the parts were out of stock with them too.  After checking with a half dozen suppliers, I found all but one part.  One of them actually had that part but they want $90 to ship $20 worth of parts from a warehouse in the Netherlands.  $90 was the cheapest shipping option.  That's not happening.  Anyway, I'm OK on parts for the short-term but if this issue gets worse, it may interrupt my workflow.  Crap!

I've upgraded, modified, and repaired over 500 Sony XDR-F1HD tuners since 2013.  I'm proud of my work and I stand behind every tuner I work on with a "Fix It or Replace It" warranty: If something isn't right, tell me and I'll make it right.  Your satisfaction is important to me.

Thanks to K6STI, K6JRF, and many others for sharing what they know about the XDR!  I've tried to add something useful to the pool of XDR-F1HD knowledge and to extend the tuner’s service life for owners.​​