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Tuners For Sale 


Please contact me if you have any questions about tuners offered for sale: dave@xdrguy.com.  If you decide to purchase one, I'll send you a PayPal Business Invoice by email.  You don't need a PayPal account - credit or debit card works. There are no extra charges to the buyer for using a credit or debit card.


1)  SOLD #691 s/n 8A-102068 With Level 1 Essential Refurbishment + All Options.

















This tuner is in Excellent/NOS condition.  I've given it the Level 1 Essentials Refurbishment plus all available options & upgrades. Extensive detailed photos can be seen here.


Level 1 Essentials Refurbishment:


  • ​Install a premium QUIET cooling fan
  • Upgrade all aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the power supply, main board, and tuner/DSP Module with new higher-quality 105℃ rated parts
  • Recalibrate the +8.5V voltage regulator circuit
  • Replace the display backlight LEDs so the display is bright and sharp again
  • Replace all tactile pushbutton switches
  • Install Sony structural mods to the audio jacks if not already present (will usually be needed if serial number starts with “8”)
  • Align FM section for best sensitivity and confirm it’s well within the right ballpark
  • Install audio fidelity improvements for flatter frequency response, reduced distortion, and improved headroom
  • Replace IC 906, 1.8V Precision Low Noise Voltage Regulator (as IC 906 ages it has a very high failure rate)
  • Improve the stability of the unregulated +10.5V power supply rail by replacing the standard silicon rectifier diode with a Schottky diode


Plus all the following optional add-ons:


  • 2nd QUIET cooling fan
  • Gold Switchcraft audio jacks
  • 7.5 Farad Super Capacitor for retaining clock time and station presets
  • Forced Analog switch in case you want to listen to an HD digital program in analog
  • Auto-dimming display when the tuner is shut off, improved range of screen brightness levels


Included accessories, warranty, shipping:


  • OEM Sony RMT-CF1A remote control
  • Fresh alkaline batteries for the remote
  • Basic AM loop antenna
  • Basic FM dipole antenna
  • Original User Manual
  • Priority Insured Shipping to a US address
  • 120-day no-quibble "Fix It or Replace It" Warranty on the entire tuner  


This special Sony XDR-F1HD Tuner is priced at $590 and is available immediately. Contact me if you're interested: dave@xdrguy.com.